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We have a number of video presentations available which cover many subjects relating to the Gospel message and the true teaching of the Bible.

Here are a few links which will take you to the videos:

The Bible

The Christadelphians

The Old Testament in 12 mins

The New Testament in 10 minutes

Is God a trinity

The devil and satan

There’s no such place as hell

Life & Death

Baptism – The real meaning

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Essential Bible Studies

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  • The Sabbath (Part 1)

    In this episode of the Essential Bible Studies Podcast, hosts Tim Young and Ted Hodge embark on an enlightening exploration of the Sabbath day. They delve into its significance as reflected through four major biblical epochs: the Genesis times, the Mosaic Law period, the post-Christ era, and the anticipated future in the Kingdom Age. The … Continue reading "The Sabbath (Part 1)"

  • The Ages of the Spirit

    In this episode of the Essential Bible Studies Podcast, hosts Jay Mayock and Tim Young take a big picture look at the work of the Holy Spirit through the ages of time. There have been some hallmark epochs were the miracles, signs and wonders were off the charts. What does this mean in how the … Continue reading "The Ages of the Spirit"

  • Saved!

    In this episode of the Essential Bible Studies Podcast, co-hosts Tim Young and Rob Alexander embark on a comprehensive exploration of the concept of salvation. The discourse is spurred by an intriguing short online video questioning the necessity of baptism in the process of salvation and leads the hosts to tackle the popular belief, ‘once … Continue reading "Saved!"

  • The Spirit of Man

    Tom Colby joins Tim Young in our continuing studies on the Spirit by looking at the basics of the spirit in relation to mankind. Key verse “I said in my heart with regard to the children of man that God is testing them that they may see that they themselves are but beasts.  For what … Continue reading "The Spirit of Man"

  • The Spirit of God

    Jay and Tim begin this season’s conversation of the Spirit by covering verses that show the Spirit being the creative power of God with a moral emphasis. An understanding which brings us to the conscience reality that our Creator is ever present. Key Verse: Genesis 1:1-2  “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the … Continue reading "The Spirit of God"